Maximize ROI with AI-Powered Ad & Social Creatives

Generate captivating ads effortlessly and experience remarkable growth in conversions, engagement, and brand loyalty.

Seamless ad generation with AI: How it works

Want to generate a plethora of captivating & audience-centric ad creatives in the blink of an eye? Here’s how: Input your brand details, select creative format and import images, and witness the magic of Poster Studio.

How does our AI work?

Poster Studio uses a vast collection of social media designs from our parent organization to train our AI, enabling it to create unique creatives from scratch.

Real time collection of social media creatives to continually train our AI engine for best creatives

Real-time AI training

Proprietary creative scoring engine to score creatives based on previous conversions

Creative Scoring

We use proprietary trained Chat GPT to create content for our creatives

Text AI

Our AI creates creatives using the knowledge from previously trained creatives using Generative AI

Generative AI

Elevate your brand’s impact like never before

PosterStudio is a cutting-edge solution that enhances engagement, simplifies the creative process, and ensures impactful ad campaigns that resonate with your audience and deliver exceptional results.

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Hit Home Run with Poster Studio

Generate Creatives

Generate Conversion focused creatives with unlimited variations in a minute.


Generate High quality Poster Messaging

Use our Chat GPT powered custom creative messaging generator engine specifically trained for creatives


Product Ads

Use our AI powered product placement/background removal technology free of cost to efficiently promote your products.


Platform Independent Ads



PosterStudio is a social media miracle! I handle multiple brands, and this tool's AI gets their vibe right. It whips up stunning visuals, saving me time and design stress. A must for hassle-free content creation!


Social Media Manager

PosterStudio simplifies my marketing! I share my brand basics, and it crafts eye-catching visuals. No design skills needed—just perfect for my promotions!


Small Business Owner

Starting my brand got easier with PosterStudio! I input my vision, and it transforms it into stunning visuals. Perfect for beginners like me!


Aspiring Entrepreneur

PosterStudio nails diverse campaigns! It adapts to any brand's tone flawlessly, delivering catchy banners and captivating ads consistently.


Marketing Professional

AI for our cause? PosterStudio pleasantly surprised us! It understood our mission swiftly, creating visuals that resonate. Time-saving and impactful—perfect for non-profits.


Non-Profit Organizer

Trusting an AI with gigs seemed bold. PosterStudio's output? Mind-blowing! The time it saves without compromising quality? Priceless for freelancers like me.



Mind-blowing results

Faster Creative TAT
Generate creative assets in minutes
Increase in Social CTR
Deliver contextual communication in real-time
Average Boost in ROI%
Optimize cross-platform marketing performance

Revolutionize the way you create, one ad at a time.